Who are the Current Members of the New York City Council?

The New York City Council is the legislative body of the city, composed of 26 members representing each district. The current members include Christopher Marte, Carlina Rivera, Erik Bottcher, Vickie Paladino, Linda Lee and others. The head of the council is known as the Speaker, and the current Speaker is Adrienne Adams from the 28th district of Queens. Majority leader Keith Powers leads the House Democratic majority and Minority leader Joe Borelli leads the six members of the Republican council.

The New York City Administrative Code is the codification of laws enacted by the council and consists of 29 titles. This code was established in 1898 when the merger charter of Greater New York City changed the name and renewed it to the council and added a New York City Estimation Board with certain administrative and financial powers. Until 1989, these three officials, along with the five county presidents, constituted the New York City Estimation Board. After several changes in the following years, the current Council was born in 1938 by virtue of a new statute that established it as the sole legislative body and the New York City Estimation Board as the main administrative body.

In 1993, the New York City Council voted to change the name of the office from city council president to Ombudsman. The New York City Charter is the fundamental law of the New York City government, including the council. This charter has a long history dating back to Dutch colonial era when it was known as New Amsterdam. Each Council member has an office at 250 Broadway, as well as offices in each of their districts.

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